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BREATHE - it is your life force

How to use your breath to balance you body and mind!

Why is breathing so important?

Well, if you do not breathe… you die!
You can go weeks without food, days without water and only minutes without breathing.

Do you breathe? Well I guess you do, because you are reading this, so you must be alive and breathing. Do you notice your breath? Where it is moving inside your body? …in the chest, in the stomach, is it fast or slow, deep or shallow?

“Does it matter?” You might think.

Actually, YES it does. Big time!

Well you know, if we do not breathe… we die! Simple as that.

And also having a shallow breath, can have a profound negative effect on your body.

Did you know that 90% of us, do not have an optimal breathing cycle? Yes that is correct! 90% of us is not breathing as well as we could! Wow!

So what does that mean?

The result of not breathing well, is a weakened body.

What can you do about it?

By every deep breath you take, you give the body life-giving energy and you minimise the risk of a long row of pain and suffering like asthma and migraine, to name a few.

Restricted breathing can be caused by many different factors?

  1. Everyday stress.
  2. Trauma and life experiences that makes a deep impact on us. Some all the way back from our childhood.
  3. Poor cueing in physical training like: pull your stomach in towards the spine, lateral breathing into the rips + more.
  4. Bad alignment. The body can be in such a collapsed state, that the muscles pulls tight together, and therefore restricts the diaphragm from moving freely.
  5. Some did not take their first breath correctly, when they started this life and therefore the diaphragm never really “kicked in”.

What is our breathing doing for us?

  1. The breath is transporting oxygen around in our body to all our cells, and releasing toxins with the outbreath. If we do not breathe well enough, we can miss out of thousands of liters of oxygen.
  2. It affects our nervous system (our fight/flight system) and vice versa.
  3. It can influence our heartrate and the health of the cardiovascular system. Some yogis can lover their heartbeat down to 1 breath pr. min. by controlling their breath and mind.
  4. It affects our muscular/skeletal system. The diaphragm has muscle fibers that are connected with the psoas (our hip flexer). So if the breathing gets lifted into the chest, when you stress, then the diaphragm gets “locked”. And because of the connection between the diaphragm and the psoas, it can change our movement pattern.
  5. Your intestines and organs are massaged from every deep breath you take. Your digestion can be affected, if you do not have the deep released breathing cycle.
  6. The brain is using the inbreath and outbreath to scan the body. On the inbreathe it scans the “lighter” areas like the mind, emotions and thoughts, and on the outbreath, it scans the more physical parts like muscles and bones. This also means that when you experience pain, it can be difficult to breath out deeply. If you are ready to face the pain and be present with it, you can breathe into the pain and ease a lot of it. A key point here is to face the pain and be present with all that is going on underneath the pain. This can be difficult, so it is a good idea to find a practitioner, who can take you through this. My personal choice of treatment for this is BodyTalk, Access BodyProcesses and Be-Activated.

So if you do not breathe well, your whole system is suffering a little or a lot. Your cells do not get enough oxygen, you body does not detox as well as it could. You muscle system is affected, which means that your movement pattern is in at state of compensating. Your body is in a fight/flight state. So the body inside out is not functioning as well as it could.

Most people do not feel that they do not breath well, and why should they? They are still breathing! It is first when you experience the freedom of a fully released breathing cycle, that you realise “Wow, I have unconsciously been holding my breath.” The sense of freedom it gives the body is indescribable. It is something you yourself have to experience in your body.

So what are the benefits of having a full released breathing cycle:

    1. Less stress in the body.
    2. A calm mind.
    3. Strong integrity in the physical body, which means stronger and balanced movements.
    4. Can maximise your physical performance in you sport, like running faster, lifting heavier weights, improve your golf swing… + more.
    5. and much, much more like: rest pulse get lower, lower blood pressure and heart rate, stronger immune system, better and deeper sleep, natural calmness and balance in how you function in your daily life, less jetlag, fewer unpleasant things like hemorrhoids and edema.

How can you improve your breathing cycle?

One way is to use the Be-Activated technique. There are activation points for the diaphragm on the ribs and sternum. By stimulating them  followed by deep breathing into the stomach will help your body.

Massage the tender points on the red line for 10-20 seconds, followed by 20 deep breaths into your tummy.

One important thing to understand is, that this is not a one-time fix! This is a tool you can use everyday in your life. Everyday you go through you life and experience ups and downs. That means that you sometimes get affected and get in reaction. And then right there, your breath shifts again. So what do you do? Nothing? Or do you use your breathing to reset your system! Your choice!

You do not have to wait until tomorrow to start again. At every moment of everyday, you have a new possibility to start over. So just do it!! Activate & Breathe!

So whenever you get upset, angry, sad, stressed… you:

          1. Notice your breath.
          2. Activate your diaphragm.
          3. Breathe 20x in through your nose, out through your mouth, nothing in the chest and all in the tummy.

And remember whatever is in your mind is in your body.

If you find it very difficult to free your breath, I have made a full breathing program, to assist your journey to free your diaphragm and balance your whole system. Get it here.

What else can you do?

Your breathing cycle is connected to the nervous system. So the more you get your body and mind relaxed, the better chances you have  to improve your breathing pattern. And vice versa. So what makes you relaxxxxx?


                  1. A walk in nature
                  2. Enjoy a sunset or sunrise
                  3. Do the BodyTalk Cortices technique.
                  4. Drink a cup of tea, and take your time to enjoy the smell and taste of the tea. And do nothing else that enjoying these 10 minutes with your tea
                  5. Take a bath with some essential oils like Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincense, Myrrh. A good ide is to mix the oils with milk or a carrier oil. Read this great article for more information.
                  6. Take a shower and let the water pour down on the top of your head, and down over your ears and face. And just listen, and feel the warm water. Rinse away the thoughts of the day.
                  7. Meditate and focus on the movement your breath is doing in your stomach.
                  8. Guided meditation like Yoga Nidra
                  9. Do yoga or pilates
                  10. Or your personal favorite choice of relaxation?

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