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Earth Day 22. april 2017

Lets celebrate Earth day 22. april 2017.

Have you ever noticed how different you feel, when you are in nature? Nature is not judging or expecting anything of you. It is so much easier to be yourself in nature…or at least that is how it feels to me.

It feels very different for me to be in a crowded city, than to be in a forest or by the sea. For me nature gives me such a sense of ease and joy in my body and mind. I work in the city and I often feel very heavy and filled up, when I leave for home by the end of the day. Whenever I give myself time for a walk, a run in nature after work, I can breathe again. My head and body feels so much lighter, and I am in a better mood.

For me especially the forest heals me, there is something about being between the trees, that gives me so much ease and joy. I am fortunate to live next to a beautiful forest, and being in there alone, and letting the forest guide me to new paths and places makes me so happy.

For others it might be the sea, to swim and feeling the wind on your skin.
It could be the mountains or open fields, and it could be all of them.

How can you use nature to ease your mind and body?
If you live in a city, you might go to the park nearby. If it is really difficult for you to get out in nature, or to find the time. Here is a video of the forest next to my home. Come meditate with me in this beautiful spot on the planet. Take your time and see if you can receive the vibration of ease, all the way from here to wherever you are. Enjoy!

How can you be in communion with earth, and be the gifting and receiving with nature you truly be?

What can you gift to the earth today?

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Go to my facebook site to see the video: Japanese “forest bathing” is scientifically proven to improve your health.

Global restoration of communion with earth class.

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