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How do you access your body´s full potential?



Be-Activated is a game-changer in the field of sports, training, rehabilitation and bodywork.

It is pretty crazy not to use it!

I learned about Be-Activated a couple of years ago, when I visited a physiotherapist because of pain in my left knee. When he treated me, I had to ask him: “What is this and where can I learn it?” Because first of all there was immediate result and second I could do a lot of it myself on my own body. And I like getting the tool to change what is not working for me and my body.

A couple of months later I attended Douglas Heel´s workshop Be-Activated Level 1. This was a guy who had a quite unique view of the body and how to access its full potential. It all made so perfect sense to me. I was blown away by this new knowledge and knew that this would totally change the way I was working with my clients and my own body from that moment on.

After the workshop, my only question was “How do I integrate this into my work at the studio?” I jumped into it and started using the tools on everybody that would let me, and the results were great.

So what is Be-Activated?

I will try my best to explain it by answering 5 questions. Here goes:

What is Be-Activated?

Be-Activated is a technique where you test to see how the body is compensating. That often explains why there is tension, pain or injury in specific areas. And more important this is also a tool to change these “bad” patterns in the body. When you change how the muscles are working, you change the bad habit that can lead to tension, pain, and injury.

Who is Be-Activated for?

Everyone! It does not matter if you are a professional athlete, a child, a senior citizen or if you are exercising once in a while. It is for everyone who has a body and would like to be stronger, move better, more freely, and with less pain.

Why should I use Be-Activated?

If you are training a lot and still feel your body could/should perform better, from all the work you put into it. Then you can use to Be-Activated points to refine the way your body is moving. So you make sure that all your muscles are doing their job 100%

If you have old and new pains or injuries, it is most of the time because your body is in a state of compensation. That means that some muscles are not doing their job well enough or not at all. Your body is so amazing that when this happens it assign that job to other muscles. They then do the best they can, with a job they are not designed to do. You use a lot more energy for the muscles to do that. This can lead to tight muscles and this also puts the body at risk of injuries.

Be-Activated helps the body to get out of this compensation. Using the points gets the work back to the muscles, that are supposed to do it. The activating points wake up the sleeping muscles, and then the body function better and use less energy. That is also why people often report back, that they feel stronger and for example runs faster.

When your body is fully activated, you can use all your energy to perform and not waste energy on compensating.

So for athletes and anyone who competes, it gives you a stronger, faster and more flexible body. It gives your body the possibility to perform at its absolutely best.

Why Self-Activate?

Self-Activation is such a great tool, it gives you the possibility to work constructively with your body and how it moves. This is quite easy and gives an immediately and great effect. Changing a habit can take some time though, (think about how long it has taken you to build up this habit) so it does take a commitment from you.

What are the benefits of Be-Activated?

My personal story is I could not run because of an old hip and knee injury that goes all the way back when I was 21 years old and in my first year at The Dance Academy. So if I ran, I got hip pain and knee pain, and I had an old foot injury as well. I have seen many therapists for these pains/old injuries and still, I found nothing that could change it. Until I got the Be-Activated points! Now I can run without pain. I activate before I run and sometimes during the run when I feel my body requires it.

The feedback I have gotten is from clients:

  • Improve their running time. (Marathon runners, sprinters, and everyday runners)
  • Less pain
  • More energy
  • Improve golf swing and hit longer
  • Works great with rehabilitation work
  • Better coordination and balance in the body
  • More relaxed and balanced mind
  • More flexible
  • Overall more strength in the body
  • Better and deeper sleep

When your muscles work in a better, balanced way, your body does not have to use extra energy just to move.

When your muscles do what they are supposed to do, your body is much more relaxed and that also calms down the nervous system and your stress level.

When your muscles do what they are supposed to do, your whole system functions better

There are 3 zones in the system and a lot of different variations of how bodies compensate.

Zone 1 is the diaphragm, the psoas, and the glutes. 

Zone 1 in Be-Activated is the center of the body. And all movement should expand out from a strong active center.
Read about why the diaphragm and the breathing is so important on the blog post “Breathe…”


Zone 1: Activate the muscles by massaging the points 10-20 seconds once a day and before all training. When points need work they are usually quite tender.

The diaphragm: On the edge of the ribs and up the middle of the sternum

The psoas: Half way between the navel and the hip bone you feel in the front (ASIS)

The glutes: The neck and under the ears, behind the jaw.

So play with Zone 1 and let me know what it does for you. If you have questions you are welcome to contact me. Email: info@todayimove.com

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Looking forward to seeing you in person someday.

Camille Vienne

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