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When you improve your breathing cycle, you run better!

3 tips to help your body when running

Can your breathing cycle have an impact on your running?

Yes, it can have a big impact on how your body is moving, so also how well you are running.

Breathing while running can be a challenge to figure out. And it has such a great impact on how your body is moving, and how well your muscles are functioning. So improving your breathing cycle also lower the risk of injuries.
Here are my best tips!

1) Run slower
If you have trouble with your breath during running, it might be you are running too fast. Unless you are sprinting, you should be able to breathe with no effort. So having a conversation while running should be possible. So most of your runs should be with effortless breathing, and when you do your intervals and sprints, that is a different story. When you run in a tempo that suits your breath, you also lower the risk of injury. The breathing affects how you muscles are working. So if your breathing changes up into your chest, it means your diaphragm is tightening up and that affects the psoas and your body moves differently. When your breathing is free, your diaphragm is not pulling on your psoas! And your body has a better chance at performing at its best. Read also How do you access your body’s full potential?

2) Activate your breathing before and during your run
For most people, there is a little or a lot of tension in the diaphragm, and that puts your body in a state of compensating.
The tension in the diaphragm is developed by stress and unresolved emotions, so there can be a lifetime of old stuff in there. So activating your diaphragm daily and always before and during the run is recommended. See my youtube video about Be-Activated and breathing

3) Belly breathe and do it in a rhythm
A good healthy breathing cycle should make the belly move out on the inhale and in on the exhale. So have that in mind while running. Get the belly moving and finding a rhythm that works for you, can be a great way to practice this. So, for example, breathe in through the nose for 3 steps and out through the mouth for 4 steps. Find the number of steps that suits you and then you keep that rhythm the whole way.

How can you improve your breathing cycle?

One way is to use the Be-Activated technique. There are activation points for the diaphragm on the ribs and sternum. By stimulating them followed by deep breathing into the stomach will help your body.

Massage the tender points on the red line for 10-20 seconds, followed by 20 deep breaths into your tummy.

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Enjoy your run!

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