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BodyTalk Cortices

How to balance your brain with one simple technique.

Can balancing your brain be this easy?

Do you know the feeling, when your eyes get tired in the middle of the day, and it is hard to focus? Are you suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress? Then this could be a great tool to have at hand. And it is free – so why not try it out for yourself?

BodyTalk Cortices is a very simple technique and yet very deep.
It is a technique to balance the brain and it calms the nervous system. It can be used in the daily moment of stress and also the acute accidents and much much more.

I think this was the very first technique from BodyTalk, that I experienced on my own body. And I felt a big shift in my whole system. I got dizzy (in a good way) and I felt a rush of energy going through me from my feet to my head as if my whole system connected back together. That got me curious and I started my journey with BodyTalk, more on that another day.

 BodyTalk Cortices is an amazing technique and I have heard many great stories from all over the world. All from help with a headache, the release of exam stress, de-stressing the mind during the workday, great help for coma-patient (it is said that 7-8 out of 10 wakes up after having their cortices tapped out) and much much more.
It is a safe technique that can be used on babies, children, and adults. You can do it on yourself and on others. And you cannot do anything wrong if the body does not need it, the body does nothing with it. So go do it, tap tap!

This is a technique I continue to turn to again and again, as it is simple and you need nothing else than your hands.

5 situations to use the Cortices technique:
1) When you get “the computer brain” and can not focus
2) When you get upset, sad, angry or anxious.
3) Before a presentation, exam or performance.
4) In emergencies after you called for help. Just do the techniques as many times you can.
5) In the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to sleep.

BodyTalk Cortices in different situations:
1) One time at a family party, when one of the elders in the family was suddenly feeling unwell. He got dizzy, white in the face and we could not get in contact with him. He was brought to the other room, and I went there and continuously gave him BodyTalk Cortices technique while we were waiting for the ambulance. And during the 5th or 6th time through, he suddenly took a deep breath, his eyes got alive again and he started talking. He got his color back and was smiling again.

And that is what often happens, they take a deep breath, their eyes get alive again. I also did it on a stranger in an exhibition, a family member who got dehydrated, my daughter for stomach ache, myself on a daily basis.. and so it continues.
Just have in mind to call for help first in emergencies, and give water if needed.

2) BodyTalk is also a great technique to balancing the brain function and it can improve children’s learning abilities.

3) It is great for emotional stuff, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and can help calm down before bedtime to improve sleep.

4) A family member who had learned this technique from me, used it one day at work because she continued to be sad and stressed about a cat she hit by the car the day before. She had trouble focusing on her work, as the accident kept running as a film before her inner eye. Then she remembered what I had told her, and tapped out her cortices. 1/2 hour later she suddenly thought, “Wow, It is not on my mind anymore and I am not in reaction”. So she could now be present at her work.

5) I have used this technique on someone with a hangover, together with a glass of water. And 15 min later, the energy was back and the headache was gone.

6) I gave this technique to a woman with post-traumatic stress because she had trouble falling asleep at night. She reported back that it helped her calm down enough to fall asleep and her sleep improved.

Would you like to try it? OK, here goes:



I use BodyTalk Cortices on myself almost daily, and often I feel the shift that is happening inside my brain, in my body or emotionally. And sometimes I do not feel anything. Not feeling anything is not the same as nothing is happening. I often meet people who can only feel, if you hit them in the head with a hammer and they are not aware of the subtle feelings of an energetic shift and sometimes not even aware of their body at all. And the shift can still happen, even if you are not aware of your body or feel the energy. Often it is also just a matter of starting to notice the shift. A lot of people say they do not feel energies, and many of them have noticed the tension in a room when someone is angry, even before words are said. That is also energy and anger has a very noticeable energy. So use BodyTalk Cortices, it can only do you good. If your body does not require it, then nothing happens. So no harm was done, you had 3 min. of relaxation and breathing. You can call it a mini-mediation.

BodyTalk Cortices is also a part of the BodyTalk Access course, which is a one day course where you learn 5 techniques to improve your immune system, balance your brain and overall health of your body. See more here

You can read some testimonials here on the International BodyTalk Systems homepage.

This sounds so amazing, is there something it cannot help with? Well, Cortices is just one technique out of the whole BodyTalk system. So sometimes your body need something more than “just” this one technique. There are so many things that can influence our body and our mind. What we eat, what we experience in life, who we are together with, our work life etc.

So if you feel that more is needed, you could choose a BodyTalk session, in person or distant session. More information here

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