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Be-Activated is a performance enhancing system, created by Douglas Heel. It helps create a greater structural integrity in the body – so it is able to function at higher levels of performance in strength, power, flexibility and endurance as well as speed, balance and co-ordination. The result are both immediate and measurable. As we increase the body’s ability to perform, we reduce risk of injury in all levels of play. Be-Activated looks at the body’s compensations as it loses its ability to engage the prime movers of the body. These compensations reduce the ability of the body to work at its highest effectiveness, and they increase the risk of injury. Be-Activated is for everyone, athletes, children, men and women and seniors.

Be-Activated session: 

You will fill out some papers, and I would like to know why you are here, (injuries?), and what you would like out of the session (what is your goal?)

A goal could be: 

  • to be in your daily life without pain.
  • perform better in your sport.
  • to run a marathon.
  • to change a pattern in the body, that again and again creates injuries/pain in (lets say) right knee.
  • get out of neck pain, tennis elbow, hip pain, back pain etc.

We will start with a test that shows how your body is compensating. Most often it gives an explanation to why you have pain/injuries where you have.

After that we will go through the activation, which is pressure on specific points on the body. You will get the activation point with you home on a drawing, and you can continue the process at home.