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Your body is telling your story

Your body is telling your story, Literally!!! Mostly we are looking at the symptoms, and then we try to fix it from there. When we do this we are looking at only the 10 % of what is going on in the body, it is like only looking at the top of the iceberg. There is so much more hidden underneath the surface. If we would begin to look at that other 90%, it would make it much easier for our body to heal. A lot of time there is a story behind the disease, injury or pain, and when taking that into the equation it can bring about lasting health changes on all levels.

Whatever you have experienced influences your body. Whatever you are thinking about affects your body. If you have experienced a big trauma or even a small episode many years ago, that is still an Active Memory in your body. Because you continued living you think you are over it, but maybe your body is not.

That means that how your muscles are working, how your posture is, how the body systems are working, how your gut and digestion is working is affected by your story. And basically, how you are thinking and feeling about it, good or bad, can hold it in place.

I have seen how balancing an active memory or clearing some old emotions, can change a symptom in the body, just like that! Symptoms that could not be fixed the “normal” way. Like when a massage is not easing your pain, or when Kegel exercises are not having any effect, an exercise is not strengthening the muscle, medicine is not having the expected effect, or a physical adjustment is only lasting for a short period of time, or…

Maybe there is something else we need to look at, that is causing this disease in your body.
Going underneath the surface and working with the 90% that is hidden there, can be done with a session like BodyTalk, Access Bars, Body-processes, and Be-Activated.

For example, two persons experience an accident. One of them has expressed and synthesized their emotions and fully recover. But for the other, the accident was very traumatic, they never fully synthesize the emotions and then never fully recover. So whenever they think of the accident even if it is years later, the brain goes through the stored emotions and the body gets stressed again. This can also cause a flare-up of injuries pains and disease in the body.

Balancing an Active memory is pretty simple and it is not required for the person to recall and remember the emotional trauma. Balancing an Active Memory can have an effect both mentally and physically.

An Active Memory is when the body is still in a reaction consciously or unconsciously.

A passive Memory is a memory with no emotions attached

and this is the natural healthy function of the body.

Case study
A woman had a traumatic experience when giving birth to her first child and ended up in an acute cesarian. After the birth, she did not feel totally connected to the child, she felt depressed and exhausted, she had physical pain and whenever she spoke of the birth, she would get very emotional. After she had an Active Memory balance of the event, she could let go of all this.

A woman was suffering from incontinent, and by releasing an old story her pelvic floor started working again and her problem was solved.

A woman experienced an assault and afterward, she was very anxious, she started looking over her shoulder on the street and was very afraid that it would happen again. After balancing her body and her emotions for the event, the fear vanished and she could continue her life without any problems from the assault.

What can you do yourself to help your body to function better?

1) Talk to your body!! Ask your body questions about what is going on.
“What is this?” and “Is there anything I can do to make this easier for you, sweet body?”
2) Do not come to conclusion!! If you say “I have a headache” You kind of get stuck with it. Instead, ask your body about it.
3) Release your diaphragm and breath. It has such a deep effect on both the physical body and the nervous system.
4) Tap out you cortices.
5) Get help! Get a going deep underneath the surface session. That could be a BodyTalk, Access Bars, Body Processes or Be-Activated session. See more here.

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