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Camille Vienne has a unik understanding of the body, and she has with her persistent effort helped me with my old running injury. So now I can run marathon again.

Marlene, Marathon runner

Camille Vienne is the best 🙂 I am a sprinter from Sparta and I am at Nørre Fælled Schools athletics course, so I train a lot. I have had a back injury, which Camille has helped me with, and she has given me the Be Activated points which I use daily at every training.

Vincent, 14. year old athlete

By pressing hard on the Be Activated points, Camille could reduse the tension in the muscles and remove the pain. So now I can hike and bike and do what I desire, once again. It is now also possible for me to drive in the car and sit down for several hours, when it is nessesary. This has earliere been a big problem for me.

Winnie, senior 

It was with a healthy skepticism, that I tried Camille’s treatment, but the effect was very uplifting. Both professional and privat i am more in contact with myself. Through 3 sessions I have been able to let go of those mental stuff, that was about to make me sick. New energy and great possibilities is coming my way, and I am enjoying every moment of my life now. I think everybody should give themselves this possibility for more lifeenergy and happiness.

Masja, Cand.psych & coach 

I came to Camille with both pain in my body and a troubled mind. She listens… and is it the body that hurts, she asks the body about it, and with a light touch and tapping, she removes the pain. It is in one way quite wired what she does, and at the same time it is logical and understandable. The body is talking with her, with all its wisdom. And in the release that happens in me during Camille’s woundrous talk with my body, I feel an deep strength and calmness.

Mette, senior 

My daughter had a distance session by Camille, and I am speachless and overwhelmed by the precision, strenght and effect the session had. Wauw! Afterwards Camille described an almost exact picture of what it was about boht physical and mentally. She explained what she had worked on, and what we could do as homework.

Amazing! – also if you or your child, for any reason have difficulties to get her studio.

How does it get any better or easier than this? Lay down, recieve and feel the change coming your way.

Thank you Camille, for a beautiful experience/session.

Hanne Stigaard, mom and Access Consciouness Facilitator

I came to Camille to achieve a better flexibility with overall body shaping – learning to let go and relax. No matter with what condition I come, I almost always leave happy inside-out after Pilates. With Bodytalk the impact comes sometimes actually afterwards 🙂

Kristy Villems

I came to Camille with backpain, and it eased with 80% after my first session, with Bodytalk & Access Bars. Nothing had at that point been able to help me. I always feel like myself again after a session with Camille, and it gives me ease in my body and in my mind.


Physical pain, bladder challenges and paradontose. You helped me so much, when I attended your workshop. Present, deep, aware, listen and loving generosity.
I had not feelt so great in many years, when I went home after my treatment with you. AND I am myself an experienced practitioner and have tried many forms of therapy.

Camille, you are second to none. Kisses and love.

Annalis Valentin

The mix of movment and all the other stuff you know, is exactly what my body and I needed. During the movement classes my kneepain is gone, and my back is flexible again. I can now do exersices, I could not do in the beginning. And the ease of getting all the stuck emotions in and about my body cleared away, is so lovely. I come back again and again and again…for my own pleasure.

Lene Christiansen 


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Camille Vienne Helps people get to the core of any issue with their body, facilitate people to release mental blocks, and other issues that affect their life.


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