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This online version of Runners Body is designed to help you with your home self-activation.

There are 3 videos that guide you through the most important activations, to get your body ready to perform at its best.
This program is designed for Runners and can also be used by anyone who would like their body to function better.

Why Self-Activate?
Self-Activation is such a great tool, it gives you the possibility to work constructively with your body and how it moves. This is quite easy and gives an immediately and great effect. Changing a habit can take some time though, (think about how long it has taken you to build up this habit) so it does take a commitment from you.

What are the benefits of Be-Activated?
My personal story is I could not run because of an old hip and knee injury that goes all the way back when I was 21 years old and in my first year at The Dance Academy. So if I ran, I got hip pain and knee pain, and I had an old foot injury as well. I have seen many therapists for these pains/old injuries and still, I found nothing that could change it. Until I got the Be-Activated points! Now I can run without pain. I activate before I run and sometimes during the run when I feel my body requires it.

You can read more in the blog “How do you access your body’s full potential?”

Do this program 2-3 times a week.

For this program, you need 2 spiky balls.

This program is designed to get your whole body as close to perfect as possible. And what is perfect? What I mean is that all your muscles are firing and doing the job they are designed to do!

Why is it important to do this program?
Sometimes when our body compensates, it can have become so tight in some areas that this keeps pulling the body back into the compensating state. So in this program, we target the whole body and get the body the possibility to perform at its best.

Runners Body

An online movement course to enhance your body’s performance

10 EUR

Do this program before every training. This is like setting the key in the car, and when you turn the key the car can drive.

When you Activate your muscles are working in a much more harmonic and dynamic way. When you are training without Activating first, you are strengthening the muscles in the compensating state. Not in your body’s best interest.

Do this program 2-5 times a week, feel what works best with your body. 

For this program, you need a Butt-Bungi or a rubber band.

This program is designed to get your zone 1 firing. Your diaphragm, psoas, and glutes. This program is about feeling where your body is working from, how it is compensating. And then get the work back to the center, especially the glutes.
The glutes are your driver when you are running, they push you forward. So if you desire to go fast, get your glutes firing at their best!




Camille Vienne has an unik understanding of the body, and she has with her persistent effort helped me with my old running injury. So now I can run the marathon again. – Marlene, Marathon runner

Camille Vienne is the best 🙂 I am a sprinter from Sparta and I am at Nørre Fælled Schools athletics course, so I train a lot. I have had a back injury, which Camille has helped me with, and she has given me the Be Activated points which I use daily at every training. – Vincent, 14. year old athlete

Thanks to Be-Activated & Camille I feel an ease to move and I am pain-free. It is rare, that something can make such a change so fast. I do my activation points every day before I train in the morning. – Teele Ude, Dancer


If you would like a Butt Bungi of your own. (Remember you can use a rubber band instead) you can buy it here: www.douglasheel.com

If you are a Personal trainer, instructor, physiotherapist, or something like that. I highly recommend taking a workshop with Mr. Dougals Heel. You can find him here: www.douglasheel.com

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